Create message

Create message

A Supervisor can setup Scheduled messages that will be sent to Employees using this page.

Click Create message from the quick actions drop-down menu to open the Create message page. For example:

Send details

  • Send by — select from a drop-down list to send the Scheduled message by either Email or SMS

Note: if SMS is selected, the options to attach a report and to select what email address to use will be unavailable

  • Message expiry (minutes) — specifies how long the message remains valid for, allowing you to put an expiry time on questions. After a message has expired, Employees can no longer respond to it. Leave the default at zero if you don't want the message to expire

  • Status — select from a drop-down list to enable the Scheduled message or disable it upon creation. Once submitted, the status can be changed using the options in the left-hand pane on the Scheduled messages page.

Message details

  • Subject — subject line of outgoing messages

  • Message — set the main text of the message. Any text here will be displayed at the start of the message

  • Tags — select tags from the drop-down list to attach to the message to help with filtering.

Recipient details

  • Modify employee selection — clicking this will open the Employee selection page, where you can select what Employees will receive the Scheduled messageNote: If you have selected a range of Employees, it should be noted that the selection takes place at the time the message is sent, rather than when you select the range.

  • Modify supervisor selection — clicking this will open the Supervisor selection page where you can select a Supervisor. The Employee associated with the Supervisor User profile will receive the Scheduled message. Select the Supervisor(s) from the drop-down list and click Submit to save the selection and return to the Create message page. Note: to find out which Employee is associate with a User profile, go to WinTMS > System > Maintain users > Users > Employee access > Self-access.

  • Select all available supervisors —  clicking this adds all available Supervisors to the recipient list

  • Exclude Leavers from recipients — ticking this checkbox will make sure this message is not sent to anyone marked as a leaver

  • Email address to use — select from a drop-down list what email address to use. For example, an Employee may have a personal email address or an office email address to select from

  • Additional email address to use — enter an additional email address in this field to send the Scheduled message to

Response options

The Responses box contains a list of possible responses an Employee can reply back with. In the case of sending an information message you will normally want to leave this empty, but if you are sending a question then enter a comma separated list of valid answers. This box may contain a default, depending on the System preferences > Messaging preference Default response.

Attached report

Click Modify report selection to open the Report selection page to select what Report to attach to your Scheduled message.

Message frequency

Scheduled messages allows you to set the message to be sent either at a fixed time in the future, or on a recurring schedule. Click Modify frequency to open a pop-up to select what frequency the message will be sent.

Click Submit in the left-hand pane to create a Scheduled message. You will be taken back to the Scheduled messages page with the list updated to include your new Scheduled message.

Alternatively, before submitting, you can click Send now in the left-hand pane to send your message instantly without creating a Scheduled message.

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