Using TMS for Mobile as an App

Using TMS for Mobile as an App

To add TMS for Mobile as an app on your mobile device, first you must open the Employee or Supervisor Dashboard in your device's browser. Navigate to the TMS Apps page to open TMS for Mobile on your mobile device. 
Once the TMS for Mobile webpage is open on your browser (the url will look something like http://yourorganisation/tms/mobile/browser/index.html), you can save the webpage as a bookmark on your mobile device's home screen.

For iPhone devices: 

Click the 'Share' arrow icon:

Select 'Add to Home Screen'

For Android devices:

Select the button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen (the location of this may be in the browser itself), and select 'Add to homescreen':

Logging into TMS for Mobile

Both of the above steps will add a TMS app to your mobile device's home screen. Open the app and click Accept on the Security policy once you have reviewed it, and you will be prompted to enter the details of your TMS account:

Click Continue and you can then enter the url of your TMS 8 webpage and your ID and Password:

Click Save and Synchronise to build the app:

You will see the application go through multiple processes, before confirming the success:

You can then select Close, which will take you to your dashboard. Any time you wish to view the Dashboard, simply select the TMS Apps shortcut on your homescreen.
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