Upload a Licence

Upload a Licence

To upload a new licence in TMS, first navigate to the Licensing page then click Upload licence in the left-hand navigation pane. The Upload licence page opens. For example:

The Upload licence page has a Document location field. Click   Browse...   to open a file browser window on your PC and navigate to the licence file you wish to upload.

Note: the only accepted licence format to upload is the '.lic' format.

The path of the file is displayed in the Document location field. For example:

Click  Submit  to be directed to the Upload confirmation page. Alternatively, click Cancel to abandon the upload and return to the Licensing page.

The Upload confirmation page contains a comparison to review the information before activating, between your existing licence and the new licence. For example:

Anything that has changed from the existing licence compared to the new licence is highlighted in yellow. For example, the existing licence Expiry date is Wed 25 Nov 2015, if the new licence is activated, it will have a longer expiry date, so the new date  Tue 25 Oct 2016  is highlighted in yellow to depict the change.

Click  Activate  at the bottom of the page to activate your licence or click Cancel to return to the Upload licence page.

When activated, you'll be directed back to the Licensing page. A success message will be displayed at the top of the page along with all the updated details of the new licence. For example:

Note: a number of errors can occur when uploading a licence.

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