TMS Apps

TMS Apps

The TMS apps page has a link for mobile devices to access the TMS for mobile application in addition to links to download the TMS for Outlook add-in windows application.


If you have permission, you can access the TMS apps page from the menu in the drop-down Header pane. It can also be accessed from the Menu and Shortcuts widgetswhich may be displayed on your Dashboard.


The following page will open with a list of links:



Mobile — You can access the TMS for Mobile application by clicking on the Mobile link within your mobile devices browser. TMS for Mobile is a satellite TMS application which runs on a range of platforms and devices. See TMS for Mobile User manual for more details. Currently the supported platforms are:


  • TMS for HTML5 browsers

  • TMS for Android

  • TMS for BlackBerry

  • TMS for iOS

  • TMS for Windows Phone

  • TMS for Outlook


    Outlook Addin — The Mitrefinch Outlook Add-in is an Add-in for Microsoft Outlook, which allows you to interact with certain TMS features whilst using Outlook. See TMS for Outlook User manual for more details. There are two options for downloads:

    • Outlook Addin 32-bit — downloads the Outlook Add-in installer for Microsoft Office 32-bit
    • Outlook Addin 64-bit — downloads the Outlook Add-in installer for Microsoft Office 64-bit


    Note: contact your system administrator to find out the version of your Microsoft office installation.


    Click Close in the left-hand navigation pane to return to the Dashboard.

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