Logging in as a Supervisor

Logging in as a Supervisor

Before you can log in to your TMS application, you need to navigate to the correct web address in your browser. Please contact your IT department or system administrator for details. When you are connected to the correct web address, the TMS login page is displayed:

Note: Make sure that the Supervisor login is displayed. If it is not you will need to click Go to supervisor login in the bottom left.

Enter your User name and password then click the Login button to display the Supervisor Dashboard.

Note: if your system has been set up to support multiple Cultures, an additional Culture drop-down list is displayed to allow you to change the Culture.

Once you are logged in to the system, you can switch from Employee to Supervisor login, or vice versa, by clicking the small switch icon at the top right of the main screen to open the Employee login screen:

You will then be presented with the TMS Employee login page where you will need to enter the appropriate login details.

Logging in — NT authentication method

If you use TMS frequently as a Supervisor, and also need to use the module as an Employee, it is recommended that you set up NT authentication. This not only allows you to log in automatically, but also gives you the ability to switch from your Supervisor to your Employee login, and vice versa, without having to log out from a Supervisor session and then log back in again as an Employee when you need to perform an Employee function.

If you have Windows NT authentication, it will have been set up by your system administrator. When you navigate to the address of your TMS, you will go directly to the application, bypassing the login page. Once in the application to switch between your Supervisor and Employee sessions, click the small switch icon at the top right of the main screen. You will be presented with the appropriate Dashboard screen without having to log in. With NT authentication enabled, a system preference allows you to choose the Default login type — the initial mode (Supervisor or Employee) that you will be logged in with.

Single sign-on using SAML authentication

With SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) your Employees will be able to log into TMS8 using credentials entered into an external login page and supplied to TMS8 using the SAML 2.0 protocol.

This will typically mean that when a user browses to the TMS8 website they are redirected to a login page hosted on your Active Directory server. Employees will be asked to enter their Active Directory login details into this page, and these details will then be verified by the Active Directory server. If the verification process is successful, Employees will be redirected to TMS8, with a token which allows TMS8 to automatically log them in as the correct Employee.

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