The Letters feature is only available to Supervisors with a Web and Letters licence and have Letters enabled in their TMS User profile.

The Letters page allows a Supervisor to download, record and email a letter to the selected Employee with an additional option to preview the letter and make any modifications if necessary.

To open the Letters page, select Letters from the Letters menu in the drop-down Header pane. It can also be accessed from the Menu and Shortcuts widgets which may be displayed on your Supervisor dashboard. A page similar to the following is opened:

The letters available in the list are templates created by a system administrator or a Supervisor with access to WinTMS > Letters > Template. There is one letter per row, with information about the letters name and a short description.

If a Supervisor has access, clicking on a letters name will open the Letters detail page where a Supervisor can download the letter as a PDF or RTF file with additional options after the download to save the letter to the selected Employees record and/or email the letter. An option to preview and modify the letter is also available on this page.

Click Close in the left-hand pane to return to the Supervisor Dashboard.

Letter details

When you navigate to the Letters feature, a list of letters accessible to the current Supervisor will be available. Clicking the Name of a letter opens the Letters detail page with options to record the letter to the selected Employees Documents page and/or enter email details to send the letters via email. For example:

The name of the letter is next to the main header at the top of the page. The Letter feature uses the currently selected Employees details to fill in the information within the letter. Clicking on  PDF  will download the letter in the .pdf format and clicking  RTF  will download the letter in the .rtf format. When a Supervisor downloads a letter, the letter will be run against the currently selected Employee and any additional options enabled on this page will be processed.

Letter options

The Letter options section allows a Supervisor to save a letter to an Employees record by selecting the 'Save letter against employee's records' option. With this option enabled, when a Supervisor downloads and runs a letter, the letter will be recorded in the selected Employees Documents feature. If the option 'Overwrite existing record(s)' is also selected, when a Supervisor downloads and runs a letter, any of the same letters that have already been recorded in the past for the selected Employee will be overwritten by the new letter.

Note: the 'Overwrite existing record(s)' option can only be selected if the option 'Save letter against employee's records' has been selected.

Email details

In the email details section, when 'Send email' is selected, additional fields will appear such as Address to select what email address to use from a drop-down list. For example, an Employee may have a personal email address or an office email address to select from. Enter the Subject and main Message of the email in the fields. When a Supervisor downloads and runs a letter, an email will be sent to the selected email address with the attached letter in the selected format.

Letter parameters

An additional section called 'Letter parameters' will include fields needed for the letter to be run. In the below example, the Start and End award date for the 'Qualifications' letter is needed for the selected Employee as those two fields are used within the letter to identify the correct qualification(s):

Click Close in the left-hand pane to return to the Letters page.

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