Invalid login

Invalid login

There are several reasons why an attempt to log in to TMS might fail. These include:

  • Entering invalid login credentials

  • Your password has expired

  • Your status has been set to Leaver

  • Your account is locked

If an 'Invalid credentials' message is displayed, then you will be facing one of the errors above. For example:

Enter the correct login details to continue.

Note: This also applies where your system has been set up to allow you to login without a password; if you enter an invalid user name, an 'Invalid credentials' message is displayed and you need to enter the correct user name to continue. An invalid password is ignored.

If you forget to enter your Employee ID, the missing information is highlighted as being required. For example:

'Invalid credentials' may also appear if you been identified as a Leaver. You will not be able to login until your system administrator or a Supervisor, with appropriate access permissions, re-sets your leave date.

If you attempt to login and cannot remember your password, please see Employee self-service password reset.

If this fails, then please contact your TMS Supervisor or System administrator.

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