Group clock card

Group clock card

The Group clock card displays a record of the clockings and Work records for your selected group of Employees for a single day.

By default, the Group clock card opens displaying the clockings and Work records on the current day for the Employees in the Group you selected from the drop-down list at the top of the Supervisor Dashboard.

However, if the Preference: Use extended selection has been set in the Selection options (see Selection options for more details) you will be able to use a customised range of Employees in the Group function by clicking on the extended Group drop-down list. See Selecting employees for more details.

To display the Group clock card, select Group clock card from the Group menu in the drop-down Header pane. A page similar to the following will open:

In the previous example, details of the Work records for each Employee in the group are displayed in the main area of the page, with one row for each. Work records which contain Anomalies are highlighted with a red background.

Each row has an Edit button that allows you to Edit a work record for the particular Employee when clicked. If you have access, the Edit button also has a drop-down list of Work record actions.

Navigational arrows and a date picker are available in the top-right corner of the page to allow you to display the Work records for a particular day. Use the date picker to open a pop-up to select a day or type the date into the date field (using the 'dd/mm/yyyy' format) to display the Work records from that day for the selected Group. You can also use the Previous and Next navigational arrows to display the Group clock card for the previous or next day.

The Group clock card page is similar to the Anomalies page, if the Supervisor has access, they are able to change and update the Work record of an Employee by clicking on certain information in the row which will open up a pop-up to make any amendments to the Work record or a Supervisor can drag and drop Hours codes to modify a Work record. Any Anomalies or information that has been changed can be approved by the Supervisor by selecting the check-box in the Checked column.

Note: when a Work record has been checked by a Supervisor, any Anomalies will be authorised. The Checked box is there to show that a Supervisor has manually checked the Employees Work record and has authorised any Anomalies or Work record changes.

If the Supervisor has access, you can modify the Preferences for the Clock card feature by clicking on the Preference icon in the Supervisor toolbar or by selecting System preferences from the System menu in the drop-down Header pane.


If a Supervisor has access, each row in the Group clock card has an Edit button that allows you to Edit a work record for the particular Employee when clicked. See Anomalies for more details.

The Edit button also has a drop-down list of Work record actions, these allow a Supervisor to make changes to the information displayed in the Group clock card and to correct certain Anomalies. For example:

The actions are:

  • Apply calculations — applies any special calculations that have been set up in the Work rules for the Employees Shift. This might include limiting the amount of overtime you are allowed to work. Once  Submit  is clicked, the Work record refreshes to show the updated details

  • Recalculate day — recalculates the hours for a day after making any changes to the Work record

  • Recalculate from clockings — opens a pop-up that allows you to modify, delete or add new Clockings to recalculate the Work record from. For example:

Click  Submit  to recalculate the day using the listed Clockings. Note: any changes made to Clockings within this pop-up will not be saved

  • Clock card — opens the individual Clock card page for the Employee for that particular period. See Clock card for more details.

  • Unused clockings — opens up the unused clockings page for the Employee, displaying Clockings that have not yet been processed. See Clock card actions for more details.

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