Flex balance

Flex balance

If you are a Flex employee, i.e. an Employee who has been assigned flexible Work rules, you can check your up-to-date Flex balance from the Flex balance Summary widget on the Dashboard. The following are examples of an Employee's Flex balance summary:

The previous example shows a positive Flex balance of 7:47 hours on the left, as indicated by the green + symbol and background. A negative Flex balance of -12:17 hours is shown on the right with a red - symbol and background.

Click the Flex balance summary Widget to see a more detailed breakdown of your Flex balance. For example:

This page is also accessed from the drop-down Header pane (click TMS in the header) and the Menu and Shortcuts Widgets which may be displayed on your Dashboard.

The details are:

  • Flex period — the start and end dates of the period your Flex balance relates to. In the previous example this is from the 22nd to the 28th of September 2014

  • Balance last night — your Flex balance in hours and minutes at the time you clocked out on the previous work day

  • Hours worked today — the amount of hours you have worked today based on your Clockings

  • Current balance — your Flex balance in hours and minutes if you were to clock out now. A positive or negative value is displayed and the value is updated when you refresh the browser. Your Flex balance is continually updated throughout the day and is reset at certain times during the standard day depending on your Shift definition. For example:

An Employee works an 8 hour day with a 30 minute lunch break and 2 sets of core hours from 10am to 12 and 2pm to 4pm. The Employee needs to work a total of 7 hours 30 minutes

1      At the start of the day the Employee clocks in at 8.30am.
The Employee's Flex balance is 6 hours 5 minutes, equal to the value of the Balance Last Night.

2      At 9.59am, the Flex balance is 7 hours 34 minutes (6 hours 5 minutes plus 1 hour 29min worked today).

3      At 10am (a time defined by the system administrator in the Shift definition), the Flex balance is reset.
It is now 3 hours 50 minutes (Current balance minus half of the standard hours for the Employee's shift or 7 hours 35 minutes - 3 hours 45 minutes).

4-5   The Employee takes a 30 minute lunch break from 1-1.30pm.

       The Flex balance is 6 hours 50 minutes at 1.30pm (3 hours 50 minutes plus 3 hours worked since the balance was reset)

6      At a second defined time, 2pm in the example, the Flex balance is reset again and is now 3 hours 35 minutes (7 hours 20 minutes minus 3 hours 45 minutes)

7      The Employee works until 5pm and clocks out.
The Flex balance is now 6 hours 35 minutes (3 hours 35 minutes plus 3 hours worked since the balance was reset)

At the start of the next day the Employee's Flex balance will be 6 hours 35 minutes — 30 minutes higher than on the previous day because the Employee worked 30 minutes longer than required.

  • Provisional flex — the value your Flex balance would be if your Supervisor had approved all of your outstanding Requests

Click Close to return to the Dashboard.

Note: if you are not a Flex Employee and you attempt to access the Flex balance feature, an error message is displayed. For example:

This message is also displayed in the Flex balance summary Widget if it is displayed on your Dashboard.

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