Dashboard background

Dashboard background

In addition to changing the Theme of your system, it is also possible to upload a background image to add to the Supervisor and/or Employee dashboard. To do this, navigate to the Theme feature of the System options. Following this, select Dashboard background from the left-hand pane, this will take you to the following page:

The page is divided into two sections, with the left-hand pane containing the following options:

  • Cancel - selecting this option will take you back to the Theme page

  • Submit - selecting this option will save and apply any changes that you have made to the Dashboard background

  • Delete - selecting this option will open a pop-up, asking you to confirm that you wish to delete the current Dashboard background

On the main page there are three options:

  • New image - this option will open your file explorer, allowing you to search for the relevant image

  • Display mode - this setting determines how you want the background image to be displayed. There are three options:

    • Centre - this option will ensure that the uploaded image will be displayed in the centre of the page

    • Stretch - this option will ensure that the uploaded image will be stretched, in order to fit the full width of the page

    • Tile - this option will cause the image to be tiled across the page

  • Opacity percentage - this option determines the opacity of the image, which can be set anywhere between 1 - 100%. This higher the opacity, the more visible and bold the image will be. The lower the opacity, the more faded the image will appear to be.

Note: All images must not exceed 2mb and must be one of the following formats: bitmap, jpeg, png.

Once an image has been uploaded, it will be displayed at the top of the main window on this page, as can be seen with the Mitrefinch logo in the image above. After choosing the desired settings, select Submit ti apply and save your changes, when the image has been saved successfully, the following message will be visible:

Your uploaded image will now be displayed on the Dashboard:

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