Adding an additional day of credit

Adding an additional day of credit

If you need to add an additional day of entitlement, for example an additional bank holiday, please follow the steps below.

We recommend this extra day is added to the credit value on an employee. Credit adds to the employee entitlement and isn't touched by overnight holiday entitlement calculations. The following process will add one additional day to whatever value is currently set within Credit and it also will only run for employees that have their holiday entitlement recorded in days.
Firstly, check the code of the entitlement you wish to change. This can be viewed by navigating to System - Entitlements. Click the Holiday entitlement tab:

I'll assume the code is A. You'd need to substitute a different code into the square brackets of the below ENTDH and ENTCR functions if it is set differently.
To run the calculation, from Wintms go to Launch - Calculations. Under Work record dates select 'None' and then copy and paste in the below as a calculation:


Click the 'Execute' button. When an employee range is displayed select 'All' (or another suitable range) and click OK. Once finished, click Exit to close out of Batch calculations. Click File - Refresh all and the new value will be set.

Details on how to add a General Absence for all employees can be found at
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